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Interaction Designer / Creative Technologist

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Interaction Designer / Creative Technologist

Outernets is seeking a creative technologist / Interaction Designer to join the front-end engineering team and design and/or create interactive physical engagement experiences.
Composed of artists, scientists and engineers, we’re an NYC based multidisciplinary tech company set out to create a seamless integration of digital and physical spaces. Check out our website before applying.
Outernets offers complete and satisfying customer experience, also known as Phygital (with Vision based UX/UI) on the consumer facing side (CX), and offers deep customer behavioral analytics on the backend.
As a creative technologist or interaction designer, you will have the opportunity to design and/or develop a range of creative and customized content applications for various clientsCore Technologies: The Outernets platform is built on top of web technology, meaning that all of our content applications are written in HTML & JavaScript. We employ a range of frameworks, depending on the specific client or project.


Some of the most common technologies we use are:
HTML, CSS, JavaScript and React whenever possible Amazon Web Services, especially S3 & Elastic Beanstalk for hosting static demos, storing content and building scalable load-balanced applications such as our websocket service to manage websocket interaction between mobile phones and displays THREE.js for 3D, interactive content such as visualizations, games and 360 videos PIXI.js for 2D rendering of graphics-heavy applications, such as games P5.js, a JavaScript-port of Processing, for compelling visualizations and patterns D3.js for data visualization and graphs


Required Skills:
Strong JavaScript fundamentals that will allow you to quickly pick up new frameworks 1+ years experience building creative front-end experiences, either for artistic expression or in the advertising world, or both Ability to conceptualize and communicate technical requirements of abstract creative ideas


*Desired Skills: *
Experience with some frontend visual or animation libraries – Pixi.js / Jquery / GSAP TweenMax / Phasor / Lottie.js + bodymovin / jeelizFaceFilter / Three.js / p5.js / D3.js.
Experience with real-time communication web socket framework e.g.
Familiarity with React / Redux frontend project workflow
Implement Design to frontend layout precisely and have the ability to refine the visual and interaction details.
Working with RESTful APIs and integrating with customer experience / web app
Familiarity with Github and teamwork with other team members
Experience writing GLSL webgl vertex & fragment shaders


Some examples for quality of works:


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