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Fashion Editor

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Responsibilities include but are not limited to:


Collaborate with team members to select costume themes, and set design requirements.
Ensure product consist of business strategy.
Create high-quality production sketches that are in line with current youth trends.
Analyze how a new product ties in with market needs and consumer preferences
Develop new costume design and timely design solutions based on fashion forecasting data and user feedback.
Testing and deciding on fabrics, trims, colors, patterns, and textures for each design. Ensure all costume detail reflect on sketches.


Skills and Required Qualifications: (Required fully onsite work)

-Bachelor’s degree in design or fine arts is preferred. More than 3 years of relevant work experience as a fashion/product designer is preferred.
-Familiar with Adobe Illustrator or 3D modeling software is a bonus.
-Excellent aesthetic standard and strong design principles.
-Demonstrate current trends in the fashion industry.
-The ability to sketch by hand is required.
-Enthusiastic about the fashion industry, positive and have good communication skills, and willing to work within a team.
-Strong craftsman spirit.

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