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Your role as a Strategist

Your main role as a Strategist is to make sure that the team delivery at all times is in the best interest of our client’s needs and expectations, and that the scope fits within the given budget.

As a Strategist, you will play an integral part in multiple tasks simultaneously. Your daily contact with all team members and the Project Lead will help you decide how you best add value and spend your time wisely between how we shape our projects, guide our clients, and continuously develop Techno as a brand and a great place to work.


Every day at Techno is different, and in a single day, you might find yourself involved in

Discussing trends and challenges with clients, our management team, designers, and/or developers.

Facilitating workshops in order to ideate or create alignment – internal, external, or often a mix

Advising, guiding, or sometimes challenging members in your project teams on approach, best next action, or scope of the delivery.

Collaborating with the project lead making sure that the tasks at hand are fully aligned with the client’s expectations, and also fully understood by the whole team.

Taking part in our monthly go-cart championship, attending daily standups, singing Karaoke or playing FIFA at lunch, cooking a team lunch in our magnificent kitchen, or just relaxing in the Sauna.


The value you bring to The Techno Creatives

You will be part of the entire project life cycle, from early phase ideation until launch. You will need to have a Master of Science in engineering and several years of experience in management consulting in the design and tech field. You will be involved in multiple projects that have their own dedicated Project leads that are senior designers or developers. They hold domain knowledge and expertise, lead the standups, manage sprint planning and Jira tickets, etc.


Your key competencies we think you’ll need to succeed

Collaborative – You’re a role model for collaboration and lead by example through your positive attitude; you listen openly with your warm and empathetic approach to others.

Communicative – You are aware and therefore express yourself in alignment to the needs of the situation and other people. You see large whiteboards as ‘your best friend’ in the studio and preferably act proactively and with clarity. And oh – of course, you communicate fluently in English.

Leadership – You take care of yourself, know your strengths and weaknesses and lead by your inner drive. You have the approach of a mentor rather than a boss.

Business acumen – You love to discuss commercial possibilities, take a bigger-picture approach with long-term gains in mind, and of course care for the client regardless of the situation or challenge


Why join The Techno Creatives

All in-house & Diverse of course

An international and interdisciplinary environment with teams working hands on with the development of future products for the world’s leading companies. The perfect arena for you who love to learn and get better!

One floor
Studio located in the heart of Gothenburg with a 1500 sqm studio allowing you to be creative. Come visit our magnificent bar/kitchen, for hungry days with the teams and mingle events with our crowd.

Pick our battles
Want to explore a new business area? Learn a new technology? We search for projects within areas that interest us. What interests you?

T-shaped individuals
Curiosity is key, we encourage deep dives into expertise areas that we then share and teach each other through projects and learning sessions.

Agency & Product Company
Opportunity to gain experience in how to build products and companies across different industries. Short-term deliverables and long-term product development, and everything in between.

Soft & Hard
Our work cover hardware, cloud, and software and we have our own E-lab and Makerspace, for making your inventions come alive.

Health & Wealth
Health, wellness, and pension are of course covered by insurance and health care. Sauna and gym, to challenge yourself and dressing rooms with showers and towels to enable your morning run


About The Techno Creatives

We’re a creative tech house merging strategy, design, and technology with a vision to be ‘the go-to place’ for corporates and startups alike that are stuck in discussions, ‘failed already mode’, internal politics, or simply lacking the ‘how to’ skills needed to progress towards their vision.

Our projects span all sectors and company types – but we always make sure to maximize the value-add for our clients, be involved early, and take responsibility for solving the real customer problem – not just our assignment. We take pride in finding creative ways to help our clients (we call them friends or partners normally) overcome whatever problems they have within the innovation or digital space.

Recent work includes creating digital experiences for Universeum to help develop the next generations, developing and bringing a Bluetooth-mesh-based lighting solution to market enhancing safety in high-risk industries, creating a connected child seat to prevent abandonment accidents, or rental service for electric vessels, based on our own IoT platform, making the boating experience accessible by disrupting the ownership model.


Still curious?

We would love to know more about you – how you think you can add value to our clients, the Techno brand, and everyday life at the studio.

We handle applications continuously, please let us know if it sounds interesting – sooner rather than later. Looking forward to connecting with you!

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