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Balenciaga drops the runway and turns to game mechanics.   Global fashion brands have for a long time been exploring how CGI can create entirely new ways of interacting with their customers. 2020 might have even further accelerated virtual fashion experiments as

Digital fashion breaking grounds in times of uncertainty   What would a store with no products look like? Last year Karinna Nobbs, educator, and fashion researcher, proposed an alternate retail future launching HOT:SECOND - the world’s first circular economy retail concept. This

“We want to show a completely new way to produce and sell fashion. Another world is possible” says Atacac founder Richard Lindqvist. With a renowned career as a fashion designer running his own studio as well as consulting mega brands

Online fashion retailer Zalando has teamed up with Google, using machine learning to create a new virtual fashion experience letting shoppers create their own designs in 3D. The initiative called Project Muze uses a neural network trained with design preferences

Customizable characters or the ability to create your very own avatar is a well known element in video games. Major game studios are even creating customization interfaces that are reminiscent of a real world fitting room including the ability to