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Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic

Magic Fabric is an independent technology publication, highlighting the magical interface between technology, games, and fashion. At its founding in 2014 digital fashion was not established as a work field. Today we are seeing a growing multifaceted ecosystem of startups, agencies, and production companies building, selling, and trading digital fashion products. Yet, we are only seeing the beginning.

At the forefront of new developments and open experimentation, creatives and artists have long wielded a significant influence in society. Magic Fabric spotlights cutting-edge projects and individuals, where tech, fashion and artistry collide. 

About me

My name is Julia Krantz and I’m an artist, designer, and writer based in Stockholm, Sweden. After completing my art studies in 2009, I became fascinated by the way textiles, garments, and outfits were portrayed in the game industry. I was drawn to the characters and fictional worlds of these games, which offered a refreshing contrast to the trend-driven world of fashion.

Twenty-five years have passed since my teenage me was playing Grim Fandango in my bedroom and I still remember the feeling of how the outside world just ceased to exist. Even though I didn’t feel that the game industry was speaking directly to me, I felt a strong connection to its characters and stories. I was amazed by how powerful digital experiences could be.

With a background in the arts, I’ve spent the last decade working in technology. Moving into a future that is less about ads and more about participation and experience, I am excited to see that merging technical and artistic abilities is becoming more important than ever.

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