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What if you could upload a simple drawing and get a 3D model of it sent back? Well, this is exactly what Kaedim does. And the tech giants are tagging along with similar 2D image to 3D solutions. Meet Konstantina

American footwear designer Joey Khamis re-invents how footwear is made by using VR as a part of his design process. Using simple hand interaction to model his creations, he manifests VR certainly isn’t only about digital entertainment. Now he’s launching

Many 3D studios already qualify as digital fashion ones. At least if you look the creative briefs of Already Been Chewed - a Texan studio that’s landed collaborations with brands such as Nike, Vans and Louis Vuitton with spectacular output.

Being a trained 3D artist he started playing with a set of AI applications, giving life and a story to characters that technically are 2 dimensional - but feel 3D animated. German artist Cornel Swoboda stretches each AI application to

With technology adaption subgenres from gaming and internet culture are making a mark on the contemporary fashion scene. Argentinian GIF art megastar and Art Director Gustavo Torres aka Kidmograph has since the beginning of the 2000s developed a singular visual

“What worked last week, might not work this week”. With great success, Spanish 3D studio Pleid St. catapulted themselves into the crypto art market with their punk futuristic fashion brand Neo Dlx. But it’s a highly unpredictable market moving at

A fashion house that empowers designers and a DAO where its members collectively provide artistic direction. Founder of London fashion startup _altr  Jessie Fu shares her vision of how the studio wants to use web3 for the benefit of the

Newly graduated Israeli fashion designer Roei Derhi was recruited to H&M:s design department and in 2019 launched his own studio - a fully digital one. With one foot still in physical fashion design he is now running Placebo digital fashion

A compelling combination of experimental fashion, visual absurdity, and a bit of dark humor. For Austrian 3D artist Helmut Breineder, the unexplored plays an important role in the creative process, even when working together with clients.     You are an artist, engaged

2021 was a great year for digital fashion enthusiasts as several giant tech players publicly announced their steps towards building the next generation internet - the Metaverse. As this opened many doors for digital fashion designers out in the world