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Tom Rushbrook FOUNDER AND CREATIVE DIRECTOR OF SKO-LAB With a career spanning 20 years, as a designer and creative director, Tom has led and worked alongside some of the world's best creatives, innovators, artists, and athletes within the biggest brands in the industry,

Fawzi Mesmar VP GLOBAL CREATIVE AT UBISOFT Fawzi Mesmar is an award-winning Game designer, leader, author, and public speaker who has been in the gaming industry for almost two decades in a career that spanned the Middle East, New Zealand, Japan, and

Vincent Schwenk 3D ARTIST AND OWNER, VINCENT SCHWENK Vincent Schwenk is a 3D artist who has expanded his visual skills into multidisciplinary fields, from designing album sleeves to creating corporate branding projects, as well as conference identities and digital art. After graduating

AI will change product design forever. At least if you listen to the creators behind this platform. The Frankfurt-based startup cre[ai]tion is building a tool that utilizes generative AI to create a dynamic visual network where ideas sprout, evolve, and regenerate

Italian artist Andrea Arice has gone from skepticism to enthusiasm when it comes to creative AI. Today, he seamlessly incorporates it into his artistic toolbox, while also witnessing the rise of a vibrant digital creator community. With creative agencies taking

The landscape of digital product creation has evolved beyond mere pioneers, and its influence is no longer confined to Western Europe. Watch as new stars rise on the digital fashion scene through the lens of Romanian studio Deadstockbloom bridging the

In a future where new technology reigns and physical products become luxuries, the role of craftsmanship and traditional craft techniques begs an important question: will they survive? Can they evolve, rather than be relegated to museum artifacts of the past?

Meet Matthieu Martin, a Paris-based digital artist who creates stunning dark tech visual that’s gone viral on social channels. In this interview, he shares his thoughts on the future of art evolving - including why he thinks some artists starting

Face filter artists are making waves, using the screens of smartphones as their canvas. They are creators establishing their own names and building their own audiences, much like traditional fine artists. Explore the mind of German AR artist Adrian Steckeweh

Shoes from the future, with a detour through the 90's. This is how the American next gen sneaker brand shoes 53045 describe themselves. Fronted by Balenciaga's Triple-S co-designer David Tourniaire and fashiontech exec Aurelia Ammour, the brand takes inspiration from