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Msistema: “People Find My Work Sexually Offensive”

msistema pink 3D cubes

Msistema: “People Find My Work Sexually Offensive”

His pieces have managed to catch millions of people’s attention with a singular ability to turn something as uncharged as animated fabrics into something seductive – as well as sexually explicit. Marc Ferrer Vives, aka @msistema, born in Spain, now working in Brussels has a background in graphic design but eventually made his way in the 3D animation space. And his virtual textile creations have completely flooded the Magic Fabric Instagram with people’s comments when featured.

What would Freud have said about your creations?

– Probably that I have a lot of unresolved issues, haha… Truth is I make these because I find it so much fun to see people’s reactions, I know what I’m doing 



What’s the most unexpected reaction to your work that you’ve gotten so far?

– Some people explain to me that a video is particularly sexual / offensive, like if I had done it without realizing it was. Also on the other extreme, people who despite being suggestive find these extremely relaxing to watch, to the point it helps them sleep. That one made my day to be honest.


What’s your perspective on NFT:s and their potential impact on the digital art market?

– I think it has and incredible amount of potential as it has shown. Digital ownership of any kind is starting to become the norm, and Art/NFTs is just an extension to that. That being said I also think the market is a bit oversaturated right now, and still has too much focus on celebrity status instead of quality. Not that it is any different from the traditional art world, but it could have been a great opportunity to change that. What NFTs do at least is democratize reach, compared to traditional art. Anybody can sign up for a Rarible account and have their art displayed, another thing is being able to sell it…

So just to sum it up, I think NFTs are huge for the digital art market, before them it was basically non-existent, but there are still flaws in the whole system I believe will get solved by the awesome community. Time will tell.




Who would your dream client be and what would you do for them?

– I don’t have a particular client I’d love to work with, but I would love to make music videos, longer productions with a more cinematographic approach. I’m trying to focus on that instead of the 10sec short video thing. I will keep making these, as they work really well for the fast consuming pace of social media, but definitely trying to go into higher quality, more storytelling productions.



If I met you as a virtual character, what would you look like and who would you be?

– I always go for the cutest most inoffensive thing that I can find, definitely with something in pink haha


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