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What does “a pink guinea pig picking a gala outfit

With technology adaption subgenres from gaming and internet culture are

A fashion house that empowers designers and a DAO where

Being a trained 3D artist he started playing with a set of AI applications, giving life and a story to characters that technically are 2 dimensional - but feel 3D animated. German

  The accumulated hours of Spanish lessons back in school, were they all just a waste of time? These Google AR glasses would suggest so. This Google

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Their first POC was to have people animate old pictures of their relatives. Israeli company D-ID lets you add speech and animation to 2D images - one of many simple versions of deep fakes accessible for personal use. Adding other

Stable Diffusion - A promising upcomer in AI art generation AI art generators are programs that use AI to create images based on textual descriptions. In earlier features, you can read about Midjourney and DALL-E 2, applications that have both become

With this Unreal Engine 5 demo shows off its current capabilities as a game-development tool with being easy to learn, powerful, and impressively versatile. And now it's catching the attention of fashion designers, wanting to bring their 3D designs into

  As a pilot Swedish fashion brand H&M together with the agency DEPT and Journee has joined the playground of building metaverse-like virtual fashion experiences by launching a virtual showroom. On this platform, people can experience virtual garments while chatting with

Belgian 3D artist Frederik Heyman collaborated with Arca, the alias of Alejandra Ghersi, a Venezuelan music artist on this music video combining cutting-edge technology with singular visuals. Heyman whose works intersect different art disciplines often incorporates 3D scanning as a

  This Lens Studio tutorial will show you how to make a 3D body tracking lens with Snapchat. Blender Armature Template Blender Software  Lens Studio Forum Post    Tutorial made by NoLens 2020   You might also like this post about AR in fashion