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Meet Matthieu Martin, a Paris-based digital artist who creates stunning dark tech visual that’s gone viral on social channels. In this interview, he shares his thoughts on the future of art evolving - including why he thinks some artists starting out now may be the

Is this demo giving us a glimpse of the future of online retail? Generative AI is becoming an increasingly popular tool for creators looking to push their creative boundaries, and now it's VR's turn to benefit. In this web app from Blockade Labs it's possible

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    The art of image manipulation is undergoing a revolution thanks to AI, which is expanding the boundaries of what can be achieved. With this tool,

    3D modeling is constantly evolving with the introduction of AI tools from startups as well as tech giants, and OpenAI's Shap-E adds to a number

    If you’re interested in artificial intelligence, you probably know that there are thousands of AI tools out there for different purposes. But how can you


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