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Is social media becoming a sufficient art medium in itself? This question is exemplified by the Greek artist known as Craves, who typifies a new generation of creators blending anonymity with hyper-public presence. Capturing attention in the digital art world with his distinctive style, Craves'

⁤Generative AI has turned the concept of art on its head, making it possible for anyone to create images with just a few clicks. ⁤⁤But who really owns the copyright to these works? ⁤⁤Is it the creator, the owner of the AI model, or no

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    Comfy UI is an open-source user interface that allows you to run Stable Diffusion, the powerful text-to-image AI model, on your own computer. While services

    A new paper from the Alibaba research teams presents a new type of video virtual try on technique. ViViD (Video Virtual Try-on using Diffusion Models)

    We're constantly bombarded with new tools and technologies that push us closer to a future where physical stores, online experiences, and digital entertainment seamlessly blend.


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