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  The accumulated hours of Spanish lessons back in school, were

A compelling combination of experimental fashion, visual absurdity, and a

Why not let AI design shoes for your next shoe

Newly graduated Israeli fashion designer Roei Derhi was recruited to H&M:s design department and in 2019 launched his own studio - a fully digital one. With one foot still in physical fashion

Daniella Loftus launches platform for digital fashion designers.   2021 was a great year for digital fashion enthusiasts as several giant tech players publicly announced their steps towards

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  It has the potential to revolutionize the financial system, as how fashion is produced, bought and sold.But how does cryptocurrency really work? This is blockchain explained When the ‘Iridescence’ dress, the first digital couture sold on the blockchain for $9,500 USD

  As a pilot Swedish fashion brand H&M together with the agency DEPT and Journee has joined the playground of building metaverse-like virtual fashion experiences by launching a virtual showroom. On this platform, people can experience virtual garments while chatting with

Belgian 3D artist Frederik Heyman collaborated with Arca, the alias of Alejandra Ghersi, a Venezuelan music artist on this music video combining cutting-edge technology with singular visuals. Heyman whose works intersect different art disciplines often incorporates 3D scanning as a

  This Lens Studio tutorial will show you how to make a 3D body tracking lens with Snapchat. Blender Armature Template Blender Software  Lens Studio Forum Post    Tutorial made by NoLens 2020

  The Sandbox 3D wearables can be seen as the next frontier for gaming NFT:s and Sandbox recently announced a partnership with Adidas. On the platform, players will have their own equipment, clothing and accessories to customize their avatar. The Sandbox

In this video, you'll learn more about what so-called Generative Adversarial Networks are (so-called GANS), how they are created and what they could mean for the future of digital media. Video by ColdFusion.