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When we look back on a turbulent year in technology, we've seen tremendous advancement: from the booming development of generative AI platforms and tools to the beginning of a new age in VR headsets and regulatory reforms in the fashion industry. But 2023 also brought

⁤Generative AI has turned the concept of art on its head, making it possible for anyone to create images with just a few clicks. ⁤⁤But who really owns the copyright to these works? ⁤⁤Is it the creator, the owner of the AI model, or no

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    We're constantly bombarded with new tools and technologies that push us closer to a future where physical stores, online experiences, and digital entertainment seamlessly blend.

    The research team at Chinese tech giant Alibaba has created an AI project that takes the idea of animating still photographs to a whole new

    As described in earlier features the dynamic realm of 3D modeling, the traditional barriers to 3D world building are crumbling thanks to AI technology. Imagine


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