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She has engaged in around 4000 conversation threads in only a few short months. Emi, our AI prediction bot, has been used by curious individuals from all around the world to explore the secrets of the emergence of technology. However, Emi has been fielding a wide

What if you could send in a straightforward drawing and receive a 3D model of it in return? Kaedim does just this. And the biggest names in technology are following suit with similar 2D to 3D solutions. Meet Konstantina Psoma, CEO of Kaedim, who wants

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    Much like the divine command 'let there be light,' AI-generated 3D worlds of the future come to life with a mere thought. Using AI, users

    This summer, Runway ML made new strides in text to video introducing their Gen-2. This new model has improved the ability to generate videos from

    The ability to virtually try on clothes has the potential to revolutionize the world of online shopping. Through the use of artificial intelligence and computer


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