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Face filter artists are making waves, using the screens of smartphones as their canvas. They are creators establishing their own names and building their own audiences, much like traditional fine artists. Explore the mind of German AR artist Adrian Steckeweh aka Omega C who wants

American footwear designer Joey Khamis re-invents how footwear is made by using VR as a part of his design process. Using simple hand interaction to model his creations, he manifests VR certainly isn’t only about digital entertainment. Now he’s launching a physical footwear brand offering

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Were you amazed by the interview with Kaedim and how they turn images to 3D models? Well, this is next level. This new system adapts

Nike stepping into Web3 with .swoosh Nike has unveiled its own web3 platform - .swoosh,  which will be the focal point of its digital initiatives. The

Nvidia announces Magic3D, letting users create 3D assets without the need of 3D modeling skills. AI continues to open up opportunities for faster and easier ways