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What if you could upload a simple drawing and get

Fashion brands continue to expand their presence in virtual worlds

Many 3D studios already qualify as digital fashion ones. At

Being a trained 3D artist he started playing with a

American footwear designer Joey Khamis re-invents how footwear is made by using VR as a part of his design process. Using simple hand interaction to model his creations, he manifests VR certainly

What does “a pink guinea pig picking a gala outfit from a wardrobe full of sharks” look like according to an AI? Lately, a number of


Nvidia announces Magic3D, letting users create 3D assets without the need of 3D modeling skills. AI continues to open up opportunities for faster and easier ways to create 3D content, without the need of learning any 3D modeling software. Magic Fabric

Are you dreaming of making a pixel art game but you're not a pixel artist? Egyptian game artist Oday Abuzaeed recently released a pixel art generator that translates your art into beautiful pixel works.   His tool for Substance 3D Painter allows

Artificial intelligence enables full body tracking for Oculus Quest, without the need for extra hardware. Full body tracking makes your VR experience a lot more immersive, bridging your body movements perfectly to virtual space. So far Quest 2 only has trackers on