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Magdalena Zalewska & Nikita Shestakov MNFST STUDIO Founded in 2020 by artists Magdalena Zalewska and Nikita Shestakov - MNFST is a London-based creative studio, providing design and high-end 3D motion services. With unparalleled execution in CGI and animation, the duo has garnered

Vasilos Fasois FOUNDER AND SENIOR KNIT ENGINEER, ATHENS KNIT LAB Vasilios is a knit specialist with 40 years of experience in technical knit design, development, programming & engineering. He has worked extensively for high-end fashion brands, sports brands & technical textile companies

Ola Björling TECHNICAL CREATIVE DIRECTOR, BUOY STUDIO Ola has been in XR since before Oculus was out of Kickstarter, including 5 years living/working in the US. After a brief detour into VFX/real-time graphics/virtual production at ILP VFX, he has now reunited with

Tom Rushbrook FOUNDER AND CREATIVE DIRECTOR OF SKO-LAB With a career spanning 20 years, as a designer and creative director, Tom has led and worked alongside some of the world's best creatives, innovators, artists, and athletes within the biggest brands in the industry,

Fawzi Mesmar VP GLOBAL CREATIVE AT UBISOFT Fawzi Mesmar is an award-winning Game designer, leader, author, and public speaker who has been in the gaming industry for almost two decades in a career that spanned the Middle East, New Zealand, Japan, and

Vincent Schwenk 3D ARTIST AND OWNER, VINCENT SCHWENK Vincent Schwenk is a 3D artist who has expanded his visual skills into multidisciplinary fields, from designing album sleeves to creating corporate branding projects, as well as conference identities and digital art. After graduating

When we look back on a turbulent year in technology, we've seen tremendous advancement: from the booming development of generative AI platforms and tools to the beginning of a new age in VR headsets and regulatory reforms in the fashion

As described in earlier features the dynamic realm of 3D modeling, the traditional barriers to 3D world building are crumbling thanks to AI technology. Imagine turning your creative ideas into tangible 3D objects with just words – that's the magic

AI will change product design forever. At least if you listen to the creators behind this platform. The Frankfurt-based startup cre[ai]tion is building a tool that utilizes generative AI to create a dynamic visual network where ideas sprout, evolve, and regenerate

Much like the divine command 'let there be light,' AI-generated 3D worlds of the future come to life with a mere thought. Using AI, users can design and grow their own virtual environments IRL with simple text prompts. 3D World Creation