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Xiaomi has recently unveiled its latest AR concept, the Xiaomi Wireless AR Smart Glass Explorer Edition, at the Mobile World Congress 2023 in Barcelona. It's a prototype - still early reviewers have praised its design functionality.   A standout feature of the

Is this demo giving us a glimpse of the future of online retail? Generative AI is becoming an increasingly popular tool for creators looking to push their creative boundaries, and now it's VR's turn to benefit. In this web app

Face filter artists are making waves, using the screens of smartphones as their canvas. They are creators establishing their own names and building their own audiences, much like traditional fine artists. Explore the mind of German AR artist Adrian Steckeweh

Were you amazed by the interview with Kaedim and how they turn images to 3D models? Well, this is next level. This new system adapts Luma AI's Neural Radiosity Field (NeRF) AI-based 3D scanning technology to enable a whole new

Nike stepping into Web3 with .swoosh Nike has unveiled its own web3 platform - .swoosh,  which will be the focal point of its digital initiatives. The platform will showcase Nike's NFT and digital apparel initiative, giving customers the chance to become

A chatbot that can not only hold a full conversation but also answer your questions about pretty much any topic. Chat GPT by Open AI is now out in the wild. And it’s pretty impressive. How can we make use

Shoes from the future, with a detour through the 90's. This is how the American next gen sneaker brand shoes 53045 describe themselves. Fronted by Balenciaga's Triple-S co-designer David Tourniaire and fashiontech exec Aurelia Ammour, the brand takes inspiration from

Nvidia announces Magic3D, letting users create 3D assets without the need of 3D modeling skills. AI continues to open up opportunities for faster and easier ways to create 3D content, without the need of learning any 3D modeling software. Magic Fabric

What if you could upload a simple drawing and get a 3D model of it sent back? Well, this is exactly what Kaedim does. And the tech giants are tagging along with similar 2D image to 3D solutions. Meet Konstantina

Why use virtual try-on for glasses?   Over the past decade, the retail landscape has been introduced to truly disruptive technologies: augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and artificial intelligence (AI). The result? Shoppers can now virtually try on accessories, makeup, hairstyles,