juliaMagic Fabric was born in January 2014.

My name is Julia Krantz and I’m a Swedish artist and designer with background in avantgarde fashion.

As a recent graduate I got more and more curious about computer graphics rather than refining my textile craft, discovering new dimensions of 3D technology and the way textiles, garments and outfits were portrayed in the game industry. I was intrigued by it’s characters and fictional worlds contrary to trend-analytical thinking.  In fact the game industry is the antithesis of fashion in many aspects. It’s creative process in many cases show examples of shared ownership where the fashion industry still highlights the individual star.  Still, with modern distribution an indie developer can build and share games with millions of users and with relatively small resources at hand.

Game production has despite a tough market characteristics that not only boils down to a“got to get”  but also speaks the language of the soul. It’s focus is on creating strong and meaningful experiences for the players. Fifteen years have passed since I sat in my girl’s room playing Grim Fandango and I still remember the feeling of  how the outside world just ceased to exist. The characters, the story and the music stuck with me for years. Even though I felt the game industry was not either targeting or speaking to me I felt a strong affinity.

In 2013 I was awarded with a one year working grant from the Swedish Arts Committee and decided to learn more about game development and how it relates to fashion.

To highlight this borderland is the purpose of this blog – to find interesting touchpoints between fashion, games and interactive technology. To encourage, inspire, amaze and innovate the art form of virtual fashion. Maybe you are a designer, gamer, developer, journalist or just curious . Either way, you are welcome as follower.





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