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Body Tracking with Lens Studio

Body Tracking with Lens Studio


This Lens Studio tutorial will show you how to make a 3D body-tracking lens with Snapchat.

With the help of Lens Studio, developers and artists can create augmented reality content for the hundreds of millions of Snapchat users. You can incorporate pre-made textures into the material library or create your own in the material editor thanks to the many built-in features, which include custom shaders and sophisticated tracing techniques. Scripting allows for modification of the behavior of the models, and footage may be readily linked to real-world sites like the New York Public Library.

Lens Studio’s material editor allows you to create more realistic shaders and graphics, while SnapML’s built-in machine-learning features let you build creative lenses. You can also test what you’re creating interactively, or use the preview tool to instantly transfer them to your mobile device.



Snapchat is a messaging program that combines text, photo, and video. Once a message is viewed, it immediately disappears. Snapchat was introduced in 2011 and quickly became popular among teenagers due to its many entertaining photo and video filters and lenses. Additionally, the app has a Stories function that lets users compile a set of pictures that their contacts can see for up to a day. Over time, Snapchat has developed to include new services like video calls and chat. With more than 300 million active Snapchatters, it has developed into a really effective tool for marketers looking to connect with a younger audience.


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Tutorial made by NoLens 2020


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