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AI Powered World Creation Using Hiber 3D

AI Powered World Creation Using Hiber 3D

Much like the divine command ‘let there be light,’ AI-generated 3D worlds of the future come to life with a mere thought. Using AI, users can design and grow their own virtual environments IRL with simple text prompts.

3D World Creation using generative AI

Hiber, a Swedish firm hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden said at the recent Google Cloud Next event in San Francisco that they were integrating generative AI into their 3D world creation tools, potentially redefining the way we create virtual environments. a product that was made feasible by working together with Google Cloud, Datatonic, and Hiber.

The goal of Hiber is to remove barriers to participation in the 3D web. With its creator tools, which include the Hiber3D Development Kit for experts and a user-friendly no-code tool for consumers, they have advanced significantly towards this goal over time. On its hub for user-generated content, HiberWorld, these tools have led to the creation of more than five million new 3D worlds.


hiber 3D ai generated environments


Why use generative AI?

Simply said, it gives creators the ability to use natural language prompts¬†to bring their own creative concepts to life, developing a visual idea¬†in minutes as opposed to weeks as with traditional modeling. In a previous section of this article, we discussed generative AI’s simpler use cases in the context of creating 3D worlds.


The future of virtual stores?

Hiber3D isn’t confined to gaming; it’s also catching the eye of brands looking to extend their virtual presence. Luxury fashion brand Tommy Hilfiger recently collaborated with Hiber3D to create “Tommy Parallel”, an interoperable virtual universe. Many fashion brands are exploring offering virtual experiences as the next paradigm of immersive shopping experiences.


Why could this be a game-changer?

While integrating generative AI is unquestionably a technical achievement, making engaging 3D worlds that draw users is something that goes above and beyond technical ability. It involves cultivating a comprehensive user experience that incorporates aesthetic values, relevancy, and brand alignment. The beauty in concepts like this is the ability to transform the user from a mere consumer the key figure in the creation of the story. It is this paradigm change, where the user is at the center of the experience, that makes generative AI a key enabler in such products. The try out Hyber’s solution you can register for their closed beta on their website.