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Robot Personality Creator & Machine Learning Leader

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Robot Personality Creator & Machine Learning Leader

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About  Enchanted Tools

Change the face of robotics with us.

Enchanted Tools / Changing the face of robotics

At Enchanted Tools, we are bringing a new generation of robots to life.
Combining world-class engineering expertise and the power of imagination, we plan to make everyone’s life better with robotic characters. Our robots can glide, grasp and interact with their environment, tackling concrete issues and needs.

Founded in 2021, we are now 100 enchanters, working in different fields (Robotics, AI, Product design, Project Management, Production, Quality, Supply chain, Finance, Marketing, HR, Sales, …) and we keep growing, thanks to our strong relationships with a variety of investors and partners.

We revealed our two prototypes to the world and are now ready for the next steps of our adventure: industrialize our production, starting with a pilot line at the heart of Paris, then building a plant ; and selling our robots at a global scale. We built a whole ecosystem and rely on well-established partnerships to achieve our ambitious projects. We are looking for passionate, creative and curious experts to join us.

Why you should join us:

  • You will have a unique opportunity to work on next-gen robots, cracking technological lockers of interaction, grasping, and navigation;
  • You will be an early player of a super ambitious and fast-growing adventure, that proved its ability to turn dreams into reality;
  • Our team are all experts in their field, coming from diverse and international backgrounds


Job description

Are you an Artificial Intelligence Expert with a flair for creativity and an imaginative mind? Enchanted Tools is seeking a Machine Learning Engineer to lead our Interaction Team, a group of diverse engineers spanning mechatronics to semantic AI, all devoted to crafting an endearing and interactive robotic personality.


At Enchanted Tools, our Team Leaders possess a unique set of qualities:

– They are the visionary storytellers of our company, creating captivating narratives that our robots will bring to life.

– They chart the company’s course, ready to navigate uncharted waters and pivot when necessary.

– They expedite project delivery through iterative problem-solving, elegant solutions, and harmonious collaboration between Industrialization, Development, and Research teams.

– They elevate the company’s productivity by nurturing team cohesion, sustaining motivation, setting project tempos, and cultivating the skills of their colleagues.

– They consistently exceed the expectations of internal stakeholders, including the CEO and project participants.

– They collaborate seamlessly with all teams, fostering a spirit of unity.

– They contribute to fortifying the company’s organization and working methods.

– They breathe life into our culture and values daily.

– They provide invaluable technical guidance to teams, offering foresight and setting technical standards.


As the Machine Learning Engineer and Team Lead of our Interaction Team, your role will encompass a range of responsibilities infused with creativity:

– Storyteller Extraordinaire: You will be the visionary storyteller behind our robots, creating enchanting narratives and captivating dialogues that our robots will bring to life.

– Crafting Unique Personalities: You will infuse each robot with a distinct personality, drawing inspiration from the world of character design, animated movies, and pop culture.

– Leading Creative Natural Language Processing (NLP) Projects: You’ll orchestrate NLP projects that make our robots not just responsive but engaging conversationalists, mastering the art of language to connect with humans on a deep emotional level.

– Pioneering Vision and Language Projects: You’ll lead projects in vocal recognition, language generation, speech-to-text, text-to-speech, and more, transforming our robots into true companions.

– Unleashing Human-Robot Interaction Magic: You’ll pioneer behavior adaptation projects, enabling our robots to seamlessly adapt to human interactions, intuitively understanding and responding to human emotions.

– Staying Ahead of the Imagination Curve: You’ll stay at the forefront of AI market trends, continuously exploring and integrating creative approaches that push the boundaries of what our robots can do.



We are seeking an individual who embodies (some of) the following qualities:

– A minimum of 5 years of experience in Data & Analytics, NLP, vision and language, behavior adaptation, and related fields.

– At least 2 years of experience in a Team Leader role, showcasing exceptional people management skills.

– Proven experience in project management.

– The ability to collaborate with stakeholders of varying seniority and maturity levels.

– Outstanding communication skills.

– Deep knowledge and experience in Machine Learning, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Embedded AI, and related disciplines.

– A profound interest in character design, animated movies, and pop culture.

– Exceptional ambition, motivation, and a relentless passion for achieving unprecedented goals.

– Proficiency in English.
Ready to join our extraordinary journey and bring your creative genius to life in the world of robotics? Don’t miss out on the chance to be part of an endeavor that will redefine robotics and captivate imaginations. Apply now and let’s enchant the world together!