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Animate Anyone

Animate Anyone

The research team at Chinese tech giant Alibaba has created an AI project that takes the idea of animating still photographs to a whole new level.

The idea of using AI to animate photographs is not new; there have been many attempts to create films from still images e.g. AnimateDiffWarpfusion, and ebSynth. Few of them have managed to produce good-looking visuals but the output from Animate Anyone looks a lot better. With only a clear shot and a few reference dance moves, this can bring human people, anime characters, cartoon characters, and humanoid figures to life. After analyzing the input image, the AI tool modifies several copies and fits them to a predetermined movement pattern.

Alibaba has informed the public that, in short, the demo and code will be made available to developers on their GitHub page. The research team believes this technology creates opportunities for new use cases among e.g. influencers, such as mass-produced yet customized films and AI-generated clothing.


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