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The Best AI Tools for Creative Work

The Best AI Tools for Creative Work

If you’re interested in artificial intelligence, you probably know that there are thousands of AI tools out there for different purposes. But how can you keep up with all the new and innovative ones that pop up every day? How can you find the best AI tools for your creative needs and goals? And how can you learn how to use them effectively? 


This video is a short walkthrough of some of the more established AI tools on the market, but also a few up-and-coming tools for various creative tasks and projects. Whether you’re looking for AI to help you with art, video editing, productivity, business, music, logos, branding, text-to-video, or anything else, you’ll find something that you can try out. It showcases each tool in action and explains how it works and what it can do. For example, it walks us through a tool like Rewind, an AI tool that records anything you’ve seen, said, or heard on your Mac and makes it searchable. You can use Rewind to find any information or moment from your past activities, such as meetings, emails, websites, videos, etc. For example, you can ask it what you did last week, what was the main point of a presentation, or what was the name of a song you heard. 

It also shows us how you can use a tool from Eleven Labs to clone your own or someone else’s voices from samples. It even lets you create new synthetic voices from scratch.


harry potter balenciaga

The Balenciaga / Harry Potter memes were partly done using D-ID:s face animation


deep floyd text-to-image text into image neon sign

Deep Floyd integrates text into text-to-image generated image content


Some of these tools in this video have already been covered on Magic Fabric, such as D-IDGoogle Imagen, Runway ML. But there are tons of tools that you might not have heard of before. Some of the tools are still in beta or early stages of development, so they might not be perfect or fully functional yet. But they still demonstrate the diversity and versatility of AI, and how it can not only remove time-consuming tasks and obstacles but also help us grow and advance our creative processes in the future.