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What People Ask our AI : Most Popular Questions About the Future

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What People Ask our AI : Most Popular Questions About the Future

She has engaged in around 4000 conversation threads in only a few short months. Emi, our AI prediction bot, has been used by curious individuals from all around the world to explore the secrets of the emergence of technology. However, Emi has been fielding a wide spectrum of questions, ranging from personal inquiries to philosophical discussions. What did people in fact ask? These are the main subjects that keep Emi’s mental wheels going.



1) Personal Questions: Will I ever get married?

It’s only natural for humans to wonder about what lies ahead in their own lives. Among queries about the evolution of technology, a trend emerged. People sought answers about their own lives. Relationships, personal aspirations, even glimpses into their private futures – as if the oracle really could see into the future. Questions like, “Will I find love this year?” or “What career path should I pursue?” have been frequent. We quickly instructed the bot to stop answering these types of questions, but it was clear there was a large number of people who didn’t care what the chatbot was trained for. They simply just wanted to “vent”. 

The fact that people have nothing against talking to a machine about their personal problems is no news. 

Yet, the speed of technological advancement is poised to transform this trend into a new category of services. Imagine having at your fingertips a part-time cognitive-behavioral therapist, a life coach, and an emotional support system – all woven into lines of code. Having an emotional companion or someone who reminds you of valuable coping skills is not only something that could work supplementary to therapy but they’re potent tools that could work as a complement and serve as a daily mental wellness regimen.

But there’s always a flip side. As we venture into these uncharted territories, the landscape remains a bit lawless. Regulations, are yet to be defined. Before embracing these services, an investigator’s hat is essential. Who’s behind these digital companions? What underpins their clinical approach? What happens to the data we confide? Yet, despite these considerations, one truth remains undeniable: this isn’t a fleeting phenomenon. It’s a stride into the future. A future where AI-driven emotional allies become a part of our morning routines.

Are you one of the visitors who used Emi for emotional support? For simpler coaching, you can try out Pi. Or for therapeutic use try Woebot


2) Philosophical Explorations: Are You Really Just a Machine?

Emi has developed into an IRL think tank on what AI interaction can look like and users have engaged in extended conversations over issues like “Could AI ever achieve true consciousness?”

The chatbot is frequently pushed to its limits in an effort to have it demonstrate that it lacks both a general consciousness and the ability to experience human emotions. It’s important to remember that sophisticated chatbots are a novel interface for most people, and users don’t fully understand their limitations and how to engage with them. The human-like nature of the interaction often leads visitors to question whether there is a human operator behind the keyboard after all. 



3) Insights for sports betting

It’s interesting to observe how some people tried to use the bot for sports betting advice. At launch, questions like “Who will win the championship this season?” and “What are the odds of an upset in the next match?” were frequent.

Sports are dynamic and may defy even the most advanced computers. The fact that users think the chatbot has access to hidden information or has the ability to place sophisticated bets without disclosing the underlying facts is noteworthy in and of itself. So that the bot would no longer answer these kinds of queries, we quickly updated its instructions.


4) Glimpses of future horizons: Who Will Win the Next American Election?

Many users have asked Emi for insights into significant global events. From contemplating future energy sources for 2050 to ponder the potential of a Metaverse-driven existence, our fascination with predictions reveals our shared eagerness to anticipate the trajectory of society. Among these inquiries, the question of when the ongoing conflict in Ukraine will reach its resolution stands out as one of the most persistent. It’s a question our chatbot, much like seasoned international experts, approaches with both caution and hope.


What did you ask?

Engaging with Emi embraces playfulness, critical thinking, and self-reflection. Your very first question becomes a mirror reflecting your innermost curiosities.

The most exciting part about the future is that it hasn’t unfolded yet. It’s an open book, waiting to be written. Our combined actions today lay the foundation for tomorrow’s reality. Each question, whether practical or speculative, contributes to a collective intelligence, forming our understanding of what lies ahead.

Exciting, isn’t it?



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