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AI Face Animation Using D-ID

Their first POC was to have people animate old pictures of their relatives. Israeli company D-ID lets you add speech and animation to 2D images – one of many simple versions of deep fakes accessible for personal use. Adding other AI toolsets, character design is taking leaps in suggesting new ways of bypassing traditional 3D software for digital entertainment.


D-ID is a Tel Aviv-based startup using AI and deep learning for animating still photos, facilitating high-quality video productions, and creating viral user experiences. The company raised $25 M Series B earlier in 2022 and became famous for making people’s family photos come alive by animating and adding speech to old photos of loved ones – a viral success on social media. The patented technology available to developers through APIs has been used by a range of licensees across media, education, and marketing. An example is letting avatars of famous people deliver personalized messages in video format. Longer-term, D-ID suggests how this technology could be used in virtual worlds where digital avatars of people could be animated with AI — and not just faces, but full-body movement in 3D worlds.



Character designed using Midjourney and animated with D-ID


AI bypassing traditional CGI

Even if D-ID yet hasn’t reached a level of maturity to be considered a proper “deep-fake”, the technology is controversial. It’s easy to imagine similar applications being misused as the level of realism and accessibility increases. But creating animated videos without involving video footage or expensive CGI is becoming attractive for a large number of markets – even the ability for users to completely bypass 3D technology. With AI animation tools for still images, we are also enabling the production of personalized chatbots, – while cutting out the majority of its production costs. 



Character designed using Midjourney and animated with D-ID


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