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Artificial intelligence has become an increasingly valuable tool for creatives looking to explore new possibilities. With Runway ML, creatives can access a range of AI-powered tools to enhance and speed up their process. It’s also an online toolbox making advanced

Tech companies all over the world are competing in developing more advanced AI generators. Google just presented their latest proposal - Imagen Video - an AI system that creates videos from text prompts   From a written instruction the system generates and

Their first POC was to have people animate old pictures of their relatives. Israeli company D-ID lets you add speech and animation to 2D images - one of many simple versions of deep fakes accessible for personal use. Adding other

Being a trained 3D artist he started playing with a set of AI applications, giving life and a story to characters that technically are 2 dimensional - but feel 3D animated. German artist Cornel Swoboda stretches each AI application to

Stable Diffusion - A promising upcomer in AI art generation AI art generators are programs that use AI to create images based on textual descriptions. In earlier features, you can read about Midjourney and DALL-E 2, applications that have both become

What does “a pink guinea pig picking a gala outfit from a wardrobe full of sharks” look like according to an AI? Lately, a number of AI art generators have challenged people online to come up with the most unexpected

The speed of development using artificial for image generation has the potential to completely disrupt modern image production. In 2021, OpenAI created DALL-E, an AI model that is able to create images based on simple text descriptions. A second version