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Mocap disrupting Fashion Imagery

Mocap disrupting Fashion Imagery

FIA, EBIT and Yahoo Creative Studios collaborated virtually to produce fashion campaign imagery with mocap in a way that has never been done before. Without needing to be in the same space, the fashion crew could virtually communicate, create and edit the environment in real-time.


What is motion capture?

Motion capture, also known as mo-cap or mocap, is a technique used to record the movement of objects or people. In the context of filmmaking and video game development, motion capture is often used to create digital characters that are animated in a realistic way. This involves attaching sensors to the actor’s body and face, and using specialized software to track their movements and translate them into a digital format. The use of motion capture has become increasingly common in the entertainment industry, particularly in the production of video games and movies. The technology has made it possible to create more immersive and realistic experiences, as digital characters can now move and interact with their environment in a more fluid and lifelike manner. Motion capture has also allowed for more efficient and cost-effective production, as animators can work with pre-recorded data instead of having to create each movement manually. In addition to entertainment, motion capture has also found applications in fields like sports training and medical research, where it is used to analyze and improve human movement.


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