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MetaHuman Creator

MetaHuman Creator

Creating convincing digital humans has traditionally been hard, slow, and expensive. With MetaHuman Creator, the time to create a unique digital human of the highest quality, complete with hair and clothing, is slashed. Here is a first look at the new tool.


What is Unreal Engine?

Unreal Engine is a powerful 3D game development engine used to create video games. It was originally designed by Epic Games in 1998 for the first Unreal Tournament, but has been licensed and continually updated by hobbyists and professionals alike since then. Unreal Engine provides an intuitive yet versatile graphical interface that allows developers to rapidly prototype games without needing previous knowledge of game programming or design. The software can be downloaded freely from the Unreal website although it requires a subscription for access to more sophisticated features such as source control, automated build tools, exporting/importing projects between different platforms etc.


What is Metahuman creator?

MetaHuman Creator is a free cloud streaming tool that lets you create your own digital humans in an intuitive, easy-to-learn environment. Using MetaHuman Creator, you can customize your digital avatar’s hairstyle, facial features, height, body proportions, and more.

The virtual human generated by the tool, do not exist in the real world, but were created using references from thousands of people. MetaHuman models have been used in Games, VTubing, Virtual Production, Previz and Movies.


Can they be animated?

The characters created can be animated. As Unreal Engine is a game engine, it includes a variety of tools for animating characters and objects. This means that once a character has been created using the Metahuman Creator, game developers can use the Unreal Engine’s animation tools to give the character movement and bring it to life. This can include things like walking, running, talking, and other actions.

The characters created in the Unreal Engine online application – Metahumans can be downloaded directly into Unreal Engine via the Quixel Bridge – just like any of the thousands of other assets found there.


What does it mean for the industry?

The ability to create high-fidelity characters and animation at lightning speed is revolutionizing virtual production. Gone are the days of cumbersome pre-visualization. Directors and producers can now refine performances, experiment with visuals, and iterate on character designs in real time – all before committing to physical production. This translates to smoother workflows, increased efficiency, and greater creative freedom.

But the impact of tools like MetaHuman Creator extends far beyond the realm of entertainment. Imagine corporate training modules featuring lifelike instructors or educational experiences where historical figures come alive in interactive simulations. The flexibility of MetaHuman Creator opens doors to applications we can only begin to imagine.

With increased accessibility, this technology can empower producers, educators, and storytellers in a variety of fields, opening up a new era of immersive and digital experiences. Digital humans can now be created and animated with ease, providing a tremendous tool for expression, communication, and narrative that was previously limited by resource-intensive procedures and technical constraints.



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