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Wanna Kicks virtual try on allows people to try-on shoes in Augmented Reality. The app’s premise is simple: users use the smartphone camera to focus on their feet. AR try-on helps to visualize the sneakers before they are delivered to

What is NFT fashion and is it worth paying for? Gucci recently sold a NFT fashion version of its Dionysus bag on Roblox Corp.’s platform as for about $4,115. That’s more than the price of the physical item. Kering SA stablemate

Every Cyberpunk 2077 cyberware clothing item/Armor (All Jackets, Shirts, Suits, Helmets, Masks, Pants, Shoes)

FIA, EBIT and Yahoo Creative Studios collaborated virtually to produce fashion campaign imagery with motion capture in a way that has never been done before. Without needing to be in the same space, the fashion crew could virtually communicate, create