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Are you dreaming of making awesome pixel art games but you're not a pixel artist? Egyptian game artist Oday Abuzaeed recently released a pixel art generator that translates your art into beautiful pixel works.   What even is a pixel art generator? In

American footwear designer Joey Khamis re-invents how footwear is made by using VR as a part of his design process. Using simple hand interaction to model his creations, he manifests VR certainly isn’t only about digital entertainment. Now he’s launching

A compelling combination of experimental fashion, visual absurdity, and a bit of dark humor. For Austrian 3D artist Helmut Breineder, the unexplored plays an important role in the creative process, even when working together with clients.     You are an artist, engaged

Daniella Loftus launches platform for digital fashion designers.   2021 was a great year for digital fashion enthusiasts as several giant tech players publicly announced their steps towards building the next generation internet - the Metaverse. As this opened many doors for

Wanna Kicks virtual try-on allows people to try on shoes in Augmented Reality. The app’s premise is simple: users use the smartphone camera to focus on their feet. AR try-on helps to visualize the sneakers before they are delivered to

Founder and CEO of The Business of Fashion Imran Amed steps into the virtual realm with the pioneering entrepreneurs behind Ledger, The Dematerialised and RFTKT Studios to discover why the metaverse is being seen as the next fashion goldmine. Video

Magic Fabric is now on Roblox. Get unique Magic Roblox skins and jump in!   What is Roblox? Roblox, the online gaming platform that's been making waves in the world of gaming, is a hit with players of all ages. This revolutionary platform

  Nike launches its own Metaverse on Roblox: NIKELAND. Nike is breaking new ground in immersive digital experiences with NIKELAND, a 3D virtual world set against the backdrop of the iconic sportswear brand's headquarters. Here, players can come together and engage in

Janis Sne was working at a fashion studio in Amsterdam when he first was introduced to 3D software by his colleague Clement Balavoine. He was so blown away that he left his job as a fashion designer to go full-time

What is NFT fashion and is it worth paying for? Gucci recently sold a NFT fashion version of its Dionysus bag on Roblox Corp.’s platform as for about $4,115. That’s more than the price of the physical item. Kering SA stablemate