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The art of image manipulation is undergoing a revolution thanks to AI, which is expanding the boundaries of what can be achieved. With DragGAN, users can manipulate images by dragging points to close open eyes, alter clothing, or add elements,

AI is getting better at creating content that resembles human creativity, from music to art to writing. Does that make you fear for your future as a creative? Don't panic. You can still harness your unique human potential and stand

OpenAI has released GPT-4, the latest and most advanced version of its large language model, which powers its AI chatbot, ChatGPT, and other applications. With a whopping 170 trillion parameters, GPT-4 is significantly more advanced than its predecessor, GPT-3, which

Were you amazed by the interview with Kaedim and how they turn images to 3D models? Well, this is next level. By modifying Luma AI's Neural Radiosity Field (NeRF) AI-based 3D scanning technology, this new approach introduces a completely new

Nvidia introduces Magic3D, which enables users to generate 3D assets without having to possess 3D modeling expertise. AI continues to open up opportunities for faster and easier ways to create 3D content, without the need of learning any 3D modeling software.

What if you could send in a straightforward drawing and receive a 3D model of it in return? Kaedim does just this. And the biggest names in technology are following suit with similar 2D to 3D solutions. Meet Konstantina Psoma,

Do you long to create amazing pixel art games but lack the necessary skills? A pixel art generator that converts your artwork into gorgeous pixel works was just created by Egyptian game artist Oday Abuzaeed.   What even is a pixel art

Without additional hardware, artificial intelligence provides full body tracking for Oculus Quest. Full body tracking makes your VR experience a lot more immersive, bridging your body movements perfectly to virtual space. So far Quest 2 only has trackers on the head and

Tech companies all over the world are competing in developing more advanced AI generators. Google just presented their latest proposal - Imagen Video - an AI system that creates videos from text prompts   From a written instruction the system generates and

Stable Diffusion - A promising upcomer in AI art generation AI art generators are programs that use AI to create images based on textual descriptions. In earlier features, you can read about Midjourney and DALL-E 2, applications that have both become