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A chatbot that can not only hold a full conversation but also answer your questions about pretty much any topic. Chat GPT by Open AI is now out in the wild. And it’s pretty impressive. How can we apply this

Why use virtual try-on for glasses?   Over the past decade, the retail landscape has been introduced to truly disruptive technologies: augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and artificial intelligence (AI). The result? Shoppers can now virtually try on accessories, makeup, hairstyles,

  The accumulated hours of Spanish lessons back in school, were they all just a waste of time? These Google AR glasses would suggest so. This Google prototype is basically bringing Google Translate into a real-time AR experience where you while

What if the great legacy of fashion at museums could take on a new life projected in your own living room? Maybe even worn yourself if 3D? As museums and art institutions globally seem to struggle to attract and keep

“We want to show a completely new way to produce and sell fashion. Another world is possible” says Atacac founder Richard Lindqvist. With a renowned career as a fashion designer running his own studio as well as consulting mega brands