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Vincent Schwenk 3D ARTIST AND OWNER, VINCENT SCHWENK Vincent Schwenk is a 3D artist who has expanded his visual skills into multidisciplinary fields, from designing album sleeves to creating corporate branding projects, as well as conference identities and digital art. After graduating

When we look back on a turbulent year in technology, we've seen tremendous advancement: from the booming development of generative AI platforms and tools to the beginning of a new age in VR headsets and regulatory reforms in the fashion

AI will change product design forever. At least if you listen to the creators behind this platform. The Frankfurt-based startup cre[ai]tionĀ is building a tool that utilizes generative AI to create a dynamic visual network where ideas sprout, evolve, and regenerate

Much like the divine command 'let there be light,' AI-generated 3D worlds of the future come to life with a mere thought. Using AI, users can design and grow their own virtual environments IRL with simple text prompts. 3D World Creation

This summer, Runway ML made new strides in text to video introducing their Gen-2. This new model has improved the ability to generate videos from either text prompts or existing images. Prior to this release, Gen-2 had been accessible only

Were you amazed by the interview with Kaedim and how they turn images to 3D models? Well, this is next level. By modifying Luma AI's Neural Radiosity Field (NeRF) AI-based 3D scanning technology, this new approach introduces a completely new

Will designers be replaced by algorithms in the future of fashion? The thought of a fully automized society where robots and AI take over simple chores is not a futuristic utopia. It is, in fact, becoming more of a reality. But