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Burberry x Minecraft Game Skins

Burberry and Mojang game skins collection

Burberry x Minecraft Game Skins

Fashion brands continue to expand their presence in virtual worlds launching game skins and virtual goods. Joining the major luxury trend, Burberry has now teamed up with Mojang when designing a fashion collection to be worn in-game as well as IRL.


British luxury brand Burberry has teamed up with the game company Mojang to launch a phygital fashion collection – a capsule collection alongside an in-game adventure called Burberry: Freedom to Go Beyond. The collaboration releases a physical collection for the popular sandbox game including hoodies and scarves merging Burberry and Minecraft aesthetics alongside game skins and digital experiences. Burberry enters the video game market, but hardly as pioneers. The project marks an industry trend where bigger brands seek new consumer interactions on established game platforms. Nike, Adidas, Prada, Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton are all examples of brands that launched game skins in 2021/22.

“With a shared belief in adventure, community, and the creativity of open spaces, there is a natural synergy between our two brands “Allowing us to connect our respective worlds in unexpected but completely natural ways. By coming together, we hope to connect communities and inspire our consumers to experience our brands in new ways,” said Phillip Hennche, Director of Channel Innovation at Burberry. 

The in-game adventure and the capsule collection launched on November 1st, with the physical garments being available on Burberry online as well as in-store.


Why are luxury brands creating game skins all of a sudden?

Luxury fashion brands creating game skins and entering the world of gaming is a phenomenon that began to gain momentum in the early 2020s. There are several reasons for this trend:

  • Expanding to new audiences: High-end fashion companies are attempting to attract new, younger markets by expanding their product offers. This group includes many gamers, and producing in-game skins or virtual clothing items enables these firms to enter the gaming market, including markets where customers can’t afford buying their physical products.
  • Entering virtual economies and digital fashion: Luxury brands see a chance to penetrate this digital market with the growth of virtual economies within video games, where players may buy, sell, and trade virtual goods.
  • Increasing awareness and relevance for luxury brands in the digital era can be accomplished by entering game platforms. It serves as a means of generating buzz and interacting with potential customers who might not be drawn to conventional fashion shows or physical stores.



burberry game skins character walking inside minecraft