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  Nike launches its own Metaverse on Roblox: NIKELAND. Nike created this immersive 3D space with the backdrop featuring its headquarters where fans can gather to create and compete. Players can participate in games such as tag, the floor is lava,

Every Cyberpunk 2077 cyberware clothing item/Armor (All Jackets, Shirts, Suits, Helmets, Masks, Pants, Shoes)

It’s currently the most popular game in the world. Now it partners with sportswear giants Adidas and Nike in attempts to bridge the gap between digital and physical fashion.     Fortnite, an online game, launched by Epic Games in July 2017 available

Why does one of the leading game companies in the world decide to let a fashion stylist design their game characters? Being two very different industries, fashion and games rarely intersect as they operate in separate markets. With household tech taking giant

Dutch Jacob Kok proves what research already knows about the characteristics of an innovator - double degrees.  Having background in animation he stepped in to the role as a fashion designer ending up winning the Dutch version of the well-known

Catalan Sergi Brosas' biker gang illustrations brings you into a playful, punky world after a possible apocalypse. The characters are a part of an upcoming title from Canadian studio Kemojo. As the project still is at an early stage of

-It’s as if I was in a computer game. Once you know the rules, you can play for hours’, explains Design student Jennifer Droguett. This virtual “game” is 3D virtual prototyping software developed by Lectra. Designing clothes with this technology

Are there visual styles with a stronger digital connection than a physical one? Steampunk fashion might be an example of subculture grown strong in digiculture, a phenomena at the fringes of pop culture. Steampunk as a term bloomed in the eighties

Sometimes you come across work that is hard to categorize - am I looking at a game concept, illustration or an advanced fashion sketch? "Demons and Deities" by Mike Corriero is reminiscent of a high fashion moodboard, yet operating in

Christoffer Lovén studies at Future Academy in Stockholm, an aspiring  Swedish 3D artist. In addition he already works as a Concept artist for Machine Games. Christoffer's work has a softness and subtlety to it and the theatrical expression of it reveals a