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Pixel art generator

Are you dreaming of making a pixel art game but you’re not a pixel artist? Egyptian game artist Oday Abuzaeed recently released a pixel art generator that translates your art into beautiful pixel works.


His tool for Substance 3D Painter allows users to quickly create pixel art, converting 2D images and 3D models into beautiful pixel art with that perfect Minecraft vibe. Additionally, the generator is highly customizable – it allows the user to adjust the number of pixels, control the value of each pixel, and more.

The tool allows the user to control the number of pixels and their level of detail and has many cool features such as random hue, saturation and per-pixel values, shadow information with hue levels for a strong retro look, enable/disable and change toggle option grid color and enable/disable and change outline color for images with alpha.

Oday Abuzaeed is an environment artist based in Cairo, Egypt, currently working at the Swedish game studio Antler Interactive. He developed the pixel art generator during a 6-month work break where he focused on developing his skills in Substance designer. 



Pixel art generator Oday Abuzaeed

pixel art generator



Oday Abuzaeed on Artstation 

Substance 3D painter 


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