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Here Comes Adobe Firefly

Here Comes Adobe Firefly

Adobe’s announcement of its generative AI product, Firefly, marks a significant milestone in the integration of AI into commercial products for creatives.

By incorporating AI into their entire suite of products, from ideation to final delivery, Adobe is facilitating the complete incorporation of AI into the creative processes of designers and content producers. This move eliminates the need for classic prompting and lowering the barriers to access AI, albeit through paywalls. Adobe Firefly is not the first AI product that Adobe has launched, but it is the most ambitious and comprehensive one. Firefly aims to provide a seamless and intuitive experience for users who want to create stunning and realistic images using generative AI. Users can simply describe what they want to see in natural language, and Firefly will generate an image that matches their request. Users can also fine-tune the results using sliders, brushes, and other tools that are familiar to Adobe users.

It is worth noting that Adobe has made it clear that they have only used images for training their AI product, Firefly, that they have usage rights for. These images include those whose copyright has expired, images that Adobe has purchased the right to use, and Adobe stock images. On the flip side this is a move towards making AI less accessible of the masses and models like Stable Diffusion might become increasingly important in keeping similar tools open for all. Adobe Firefly is yet in beta program and you can access more information and sign up to the waiting list here.


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