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Marvelous Designer brings real pattern making technique and 3d software together


While as the majority of the worlds cg artists still make character outfits in traditional 3d software manner, Marvelous designer is a software that rather uses traditional pattern making to create virtual clothing. Because of it’s compatibility with other 3d software it is already in use by 3d artists at game and film studios around the world as in Weta Digital’s the Hobbit and Ubisofts Assasin’s Creed. The company claims the technique to both make outstanding fabric and detail replicas and at the same time save time for the CG artist.  If this new approach to virtual clothing hits it big remains to be seen.

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2d characters by Joshua Ely Batterson

The possibility of creating perfectly photo realistic digital human beings makes it’s opposite even more interesting.  In 2011 Icelandic superstar, Björk showed the power of abstraction in the app release of Biophilia, merging interpretation of nature and music in an interactive appstore spectacle.

American Joshua Ely Batterson describes himself as a newcomer to the world of digital design, spending a multitude of hours playing with character creation in Photoshop. His science fiction inspired illustrations makes it easy to imagine them as interactive and Joshua himself plans to advance into the world of 3d graphics in the soon future.

Joshuas highly abstract character work  tickles the imagination in a time where the relation between computer graphics and reality are very closely knit.