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As a pilot Swedish fashion brand H&M together with the agency DEPT and Journee has joined the playground of building metaverse-like virtual fashion experiences by launching a virtual showroom. On this platform, people can experience virtual garments while chatting with

  This Lens Studio tutorial will show you how to make a 3D body-tracking lens with Snapchat. With the help of Lens Studio, developers and artists can create augmented reality content for the hundreds of millions of Snapchat users. You can incorporate pre-made

2021 was a great year for digital fashion enthusiasts as several giant tech players publicly announced their steps towards building the next generation internet - the Metaverse. As this opened many doors for digital fashion designers out in the world

Wanna Kicks virtual try-on allows people to try on shoes in Augmented Reality. The app’s premise is simple: users use the smartphone camera to focus on their feet. AR try-on helps to visualize the sneakers before they are delivered to