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Face filter artists are making waves, using the screens of smartphones as their canvas. They are creators establishing their own names and building their own audiences, much like traditional fine artists. Explore the mind of German AR artist Adrian Steckeweh

Why use virtual try-on for glasses?   Over the past decade, the retail landscape has been introduced to truly disruptive technologies: augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and artificial intelligence (AI). The result? Shoppers can now virtually try on accessories, makeup, hairstyles,

  What is AR and how can it be used for fashion? In opposite to a closed, immersive experience (VR), AR (Augmented reality) combines the impressions of real life with objects and interaction in virtual space. An example of this is the

  The accumulated hours of Spanish lessons back in school, were they all just a waste of time? These Google AR glasses would suggest so. This Google prototype is basically bringing Google Translate into a real-time AR experience where you while

  This Lens Studio tutorial will show you how to make a 3D body-tracking lens with Snapchat. With the help of Lens Studio, developers and artists can create augmented reality content for the hundreds of millions of Snapchat users. You can incorporate pre-made

Wanna Kicks virtual try-on allows people to try on shoes in Augmented Reality. The app’s premise is simple: users use the smartphone camera to focus on their feet. AR try-on helps to visualize the sneakers before they are delivered to

Digital fiction is still where the most mind-breaking and visually seductive stories take place. But as technology advances the opportunity of creating interesting visual experiences expands to a wider group of creatives. Speaking to the humans senses in digital and physical form