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Xiaomi AR Glasses

Xiaomi AR Glasses

Xiaomi has recently unveiled its latest AR concept, the Xiaomi Wireless AR Smart Glass Explorer Edition, at the Mobile World Congress 2023 in Barcelona. It’s a prototype – still early reviewers have praised its design functionality.


The Xiaomi Smart Glass stands apart from other consumer AR glasses like nReal and TCL because it connects wirelessly, eliminating the need for a cable to be connected into a host system. By syncing with your phone or any other device, these AR glasses offer an immersive wireless AR experience without the need for cables or dongles. Nevertheless, in order for the glasses to work, they need to be connected to a host device because they lack any built-in storage. The glasses have two Micro-OLED panels, one for each eye, which show full HD images at 1,200 nits of brightness. Three forward-facing cameras are also included in them to map the area directly in front of the wearer.  It also includes electrochromic lenses that can be switched to black with the press of a button, which allows the user to switch on and off to a more immersive mode.


Xiaomi AR glasses smart glass


Despite being a promising prototype, the Xiaomi Wireless AR Smart Glass Explorer Edition is far bulkier than the product concept the company previewed earlier this year. The latter was more akin to standard glasses in size. Even though the Xiaomi glasses are still in the concept stage, they are nonetheless more sophisticated and less cumbersome than other AR glasses available on the market. However, testers said that the prototype’s battery life was less than amazing, which could be one of the reasons it isn’t yet deemed ready for general sale. However, the Xiaomi Wireless AR Smart Glass Explorer Edition is an innovative wearable technology product that may open the door for future generations of AR glasses. As technology continues to evolve, we can expect to see more innovations in the field and the Xiaomi Smart Glass is an early indication of what is to come.