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“What worked last week, might not work this week”. With great success, Spanish 3D studio Pleid St. catapulted themselves into the crypto art market with their punk futuristic fashion brand Neo Dlx. But it’s a highly unpredictable market moving at

Games with character creation can teach us a lot about how to create engaging fashion experiences online. Try creating your own characters in these five games!       Code Vein Code Vein, a gripping role-playing game developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment, immerses players in

With this Unreal Engine 5 demo shows off its current capabilities as a game-development tool with being easy to learn, powerful, and impressively versatile. And now it's catching the attention of fashion designers, wanting to bring their digital fashion designs

As a pilot Swedish fashion brand H&M together with the agency DEPT and Journee has joined the playground of building metaverse-like virtual fashion experiences by launching a virtual showroom. On this platform, people can experience virtual garments while chatting with

Newly graduated Israeli fashion designer Roei Derhi was recruited to H&M:s design department and in 2019 launched his own studio - a fully digital one. With one foot still in physical fashion design he is now running Placebo digital fashion

What if the great legacy of fashion at museums could take on a new life projected in your own living room? Maybe even worn yourself if 3D? As museums and art institutions globally seem to struggle to attract and keep

With singular visuals, Rita Louro has really caught my eye in the 3D scene lately. Born in Lisbon she has, after a bit back and forth ended up back in Portugal where she is currently active as a 3D artist,

Balenciaga drops the runway and turns to game mechanics.   Global fashion brands have for a long time been exploring how CGI can create entirely new ways of interacting with their customers. 2020 might have even further accelerated virtual fashion experiments as

Team of creatives at Thomas Traum, a Swiss agency for digital innovation teamed up with British fashion designer Cristopher Raeburn to land this magic fashion concept for his S/S collection. Titled "Meridian" the movie clearly crosses that mind tickling border