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Kate Moss will have to look for a new job - the instant media response after a Manchester Metropolitan University  press release suggesting a new virtual direction in fashion. Runway models are replaced by digital replicas - "near-faultless copies"  that need no sleep

Team of creatives at Thomas Traum, a Swiss agency for digital innovation teamed up with British fashion designer Cristopher Raeburn to land this magic fashion concept for his S/S collection. Titled "Meridian" the movie clearly crosses that mind tickling border

Dutch Jacob Kok proves what research already knows about the characteristics of an innovator - double degrees. Having background in animation he stepped in to the role as a fashion designer ending up winning the Dutch version of the well-known

Fashion site SHOWstudio asked a number of creatives to express their vision of Punk by creating a fashion video and garment. This is fashion designer and stylist Carri Mundens contribution, using 3D mapping and modelling techniques. English Carri Munden  is the